Affiliated Projects

Affiliated Projects

New Earth Histories @ UNSW

The UNSW-based research group, New Earth Histories, brings the history of geosciences and the history of select world cosmologies together. We aim to produce a fresh and cosmopolitan history of environmental sciences, analysing the significance of geological time and multiple cosmologies for global modernity itself.

Health, Disease & Population

A 20th-C image of blood samples, lined up in a rack.

Health, disease & population brings together researchers interrogating the scientific history of infectious diseases with those researching the public health policies & regulations through which infectious diseases have historically been managed. Its two major projects are ‘Rethinking Medico-Legal Borders: From international to internal histories’ and ‘A History of Viral Hepatitis: Science & Medicine in the 20th Century’.

Cover image: The expanding earth. Detail from the cover of ‘The Expanding Earth: A Symposium,’ convened by the geologist and continental drift theorist Samuel Warren Carey at the University of Sydney in 1981.