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PhD Opportunity in Population History

The Laureate Centre for History and Population is delighted to invite applications for a Laureate Doctoral Scholarship in population history. The successful candidate will join the Laureate research team, under the supervision of Professor Alison Bashford, within the School of…

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What We’re Reading: QandA with Jarrod Hore on ‘Settlers in Earthquake Country’

Jarrod Hore and Chi Chi Huang, 28 September 2021. ‘Settlers in earthquake country’ examines how two slightly different colonial societies responded to seismic instability throughout the late nineteenth century. Focusing on two earthquakes in Aotearoa New Zealand and two in California, I align the temporality of natural disaster with an economic temporality of settler colonial boom and bust.

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Painting the Perfect Family

Aprajita Sarcar, 8 September 2021. The image you see was first published in April 1968. It appeared in a newsletter published by the Department of Family Planning, India. The department no longer exists and the newsletter died shortly after 1977. The image, along with the newsletter become artifacts of a nation, which was in the second decade of its independent existence. It also showcases a unique campaign advocating family planning.

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What We’re Reading: QandA with Aprajita Sarcar

Last month, the Laureate Centre Reading Group read the work of Aprajita Sarcar, a New Delhi–based scholar of population history in post-independence India. She is in the process of converting her doctoral research into her first monograph and she shared two samples of her work with us: a chapter from her recently-completed PhD and the introduction to her book-in-the-making.

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New Appointments

The Laureate Centre for History & Population is delighted to announce the appointment of three new postdocs and a centre manager.   Dr Naomi Parkinson, Laureate Centre Manager, is a scholar of imperial and colonial history, specialising in slavery and its…

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Apply to be Centre Manager

Applications are currently open for a Centre Manager to manage the day-to-day and long-term strategic operations of the Laureate Centre for History & Population. You can find more details, including the link to apply, remuneration information, and a full position…

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Food Security

In 1943, agriculturalists, economists, physicians, and international policy-makers met in Hot Springs, Virginia, a gathering that pre-empted what was to become the first agency of the new United Nations: the Food and Agriculture Organisation. The sinister backdrop was devastating famine in Bengal, in parts of China, and millions hungry in the USSR. A world food crisis was declared, and food and population were immediately linked in grand plans for the postwar era. This manifested as national politics as much as international politics over the turbulent late 1940s.

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We’re Recruiting

Applications have recently closed for Postdoctoral Fellows. We’ll be in touch with candidates as soon as possible. In July 2021 we will appoint 3 Laureate Postdoctoral Fellows to undertake independent and collaborative research on aspects of the modern (post 1800)…

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